Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Stresses of a Do-It-Yourself Wedding

It hits every newly engaged couple differently.  Getting engaged to be married is a significant milestone in your life, and then, the daunting task of needing to plan a wedding hits. 

In the days following your engagement, it may feel like you are floating on 'Cloud 9.' Perhaps, you have been planning out this day since you were a little kid, noting the flowers, the pictures, and of course, your partner.  As a child, you never know the costs associated with that ‘dream’ wedding, but as an adult, you see the reality that weddings can break the bank if you let it. 

According to ‘The Wedding Report,’ an average US wedding can cost more than $20,000.  For some lucky few, cost is not a consideration.  If you are amongst those individuals, we raise our glass.  But for most of us, being conscious of cost is an essential part of keeping one's sanity during the wedding planning process. 

One way brides- and grooms-to-be think will cut wedding costs is through a Do-It-Yourself wedding.  From asking family members to cater the reception to having friends drive around the morning of the wedding to pick up flowers, many couples feel that this is the only option for ensuring that their wedding day comes close to fulfilling their emotional and financial expectations. 

Sure, the allure of a DIY wedding appears to be a good solution: all the details at a fraction of the cost!  What could really go that wrong?  Though we have all likely witnessed a DIY wedding that has appeared to go well, we’d bet that not everything behind the scenes went on as smoothly as you might imagine.  With any DIY wedding, the potential for them to go very wrong is high. 

More importantly, a DIY Wedding adds stress on one of the most important days of your life.  It also keeps your family and friends from truly enjoying the experience.  Frankly, it imposes on them to do favors they will find hard to say no to, because (after all) it is your wedding.  But, most people secretly wish you hadn't asked.  Your friends and family are your guests, and their first objective is to celebrate your day.  To be distracted by errands and wedding details would be such a shame on what should be a lovely moment of celebration and happiness, not stress and anxiety.  Last but not least, unless the task you've assigned them is their profession, they're going to be stressed to perform for you, which can make it difficult to truly enjoy the celebration.  
Dream Beach Wedding costs are actually priced as if you created a DIY wedding.  Our family business can assist in your wedding ceremony as much or as little as needed-- according to your vision. From flowers to decor, photography to officiating, Dream Beach Wedding provides a beautiful setting that can achieve the dream you imagine together. 

No matter the budget, your ‘dream wedding’ does not need to be compromised on account of cost.   Dream Beach Wedding can accommodate your San Diego destination wedding, so that your special day can be a magical, stress-free day, with all the personal touches as if you did it yourself.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies."

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